Andy Biersack Reveals That The New Black Veil Brides Album Will Be Released In 2018

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Black Veil Brides frontman Andrew Biersack has officially revealed that the bands next album will be released at the beginning of 2018!

Alongside the details of a new album, the vocalist also revealed that the album will be accompanied by a massive tour announcement.

“It’s been produced by John Feldmann – and in an interesting way. We wound up doing it in three different locations because John actually moved studios while we were doing the record!” Biersack explained in regards to the recording process.

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He then continued “So it was a fun record in the sense that I did the vocals in a bunch of different places over the course of a year, it was really fun and interesting way of recording!”

“We made ‘Wretched & Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones’ with John and, at least commercially, that’s been our most successful record to date. But what I think is interesting is that we’ve evolved significantly from record to record. So I think this album is a nice culmination of the many different eras of the band.

“I’m not going to tell you it’s our heaviest and most melodic album or [dramatic voice] the best thing we’ve ever done! [laughs] But it’s a great record that we’re really proud of and I think the fans are really going to like it and it’s a long time coming – it will have been four years since the last album by the time it’s out so I think people are going to really enjoy it.”

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Biersack then went into detail about why the band decided to release an album so long after their last.

“The reason for the delay was that – first of all – we took 15 months to make the record, we really wanted everything to be as perfect as possible.

“We weren’t able to get the artwork and assets together exactly as we wanted it for the original deadline and – while listening to it back in the meantime – there were elements that I wanted to change.

“We had a discussion with the label and they agreed with us that we should line it up with something big tour-wise, so we’ve put something together for the winter for the release that’s going to be a really big tour that I think people have wanted to see for a while.”

“I can’t tell you too much more – if I could, I would! But I will say this – it’s a tour that the fans have wanted for a very long time, it’s something that people have been asking for us to do for years and we were finally able to get it together – I think it’s going to be something really special.

“I think the people in the world who like what we do musically and are part of the scene that we exist in will be really excited to come out to these shows.” [via Rocksound]

Are you excited for a new Black Veil Brides album?

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