Slipknot Member “Clown” Reveals That The Band Isn’t “Going To Wait Around For Corey Taylor To Say That He’s Ready” For A New Album

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Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan has now officially provided a a huge update on the bands next album, which will be the first album released since 2015.

Crahan noted that members of Slipknot have been continuing the work on music while their vocalist Corey Taylor has been focusing his time on his side-band, Stone Sour.

During his statement, Crahan gave an fans an insight into the progression of new Slipknot music, saying that the band has consistantly been working on brand new material through this past year and currently have 27 pieces of work to show for their hard work.

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Crahan also added that they as a band are not “going to wait around for Corey Taylor to say that he’s ready.”

His entire statement to NME noted:

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“I will give you this – we have decided to do things differently. Our label had been bought and sold, people who used to give me advice are gone now, we’re still standing. We’re not going to wait around for Corey Taylor to say that he’s ready, no one’s going to wait for me to finish directing a movie, the same thing goes if someone wants to go out on tour with someone else.”

“Every three or four months we’ve been getting together and we’ve been writing for up to 30 days. Currently, we have about 27 pieces of work – about seven or eight are completed. They’re not completed songs, that’s far from the truth. That’s where people start fighting over Corey Taylor not being there or Jim wanting to do something else. We as artists have demanded that we get together every three or four months and blow our brains out with art. We’ve been trying to create as much art as possible.”

In September, the band will be getting back together to further their ideas, which should make fans of Slipknot exceedingly happy.

“For the three years we toured we were writing and recording the whole time. We’ll be getting together in September. Corey Taylor is doing his thing right now with Stone Sour, and when he’s done, he’ll need a little time off. He’s always done that. Then he’ll be right back in it, writing Slipknot songs and lyrics.

“A lot of us are meeting up in September to start working on those 27 pieces of music and we’re going to add to that. Our goal is to get to somewhere where it feels like we could have a double album. Whether or not we’ll get to that, I have no idea. It’s almost an impossible thing to arrive at because you have to have so much music and pick what’s right.

“But I would like to have a double album and I would like to have a concept album. I’ve been speaking to Corey and Jim and we’re not just going to ‘do it’, we’re not going to be contrived. It has to be right, it has to work for all of us.”

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