Ex-AFI Member Fights Back At Claims Of Current AFI Members Not Supporting The Resale Of Their EP

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Former AFI bassist Geoff Kresge has recently been in the spotlight when he began reselling the bands Dork EP, allegedly without permission.

Since the event, Kresge came under fire from current AFI members, who argued that he did not in fact have permission, or the right to re-sell the EP.

Now, Kresge has spoken out to defend himself and his actions. During his statement, Kresge clarifies that the label has accounted to AFI for the sales of the records in mention, and that because the EP is currently just available for presale, no royalties are due at the current point in time.

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Read his statement in full below:

Dear AFI fans, friends, and family:

It’s unfortunate that the band has decided to not participate in this part of their history and in turn, make incorrect and untrue remarks about why these records exist.

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To set the record straight, we HAVE indeed accounted to AFI for sales of these records, whilst the band is reporting otherwise, is unfortunate and untrue. Additionally, the DORK release is at a pre-order stage and no royalties would be due at this point.

Additionally, Key Lime Pie Records is not a joint venture, partnership or otherwise anything but a business entity solely owned by Geoff Kresge. Geoff paid for these records to be released originally, and is choosing to re-issue them, and he is completely within his rights to do so, contrary to the band’s erroneous statements.

Since the band are choosing to make incorrect and defamatory remarks about Mr. Kresge, the choice to own these records is up to you (the fans). We appreciate all the business that you have given us, and we will continue to offer you quality products in the future.

You can pre-order Dork, or purchase Behind The Times and/or Eddie Picnic’s All Wet via

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