Pvris Release Anticipated New Song & Video For “Winter”

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PVRIS have officially debuted their hugely anticipated new song and video for “Winter,” one of the many new tracks being taken from the band’s forthcoming record All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell.

In a recent interview Altpress conducted with Lynn Gunn, the front woman stated:

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“I can say that we’re different—like, we as people. We recorded White Noise probably three years ago, so with this record, we have a lot more ideas. We have a lot more experiences to draw from, and just overall maturity as humans and writers. All those things combined into one. There’s also more pressure on this one as well, but it’s a good pressure, I think.

I definitely think there’s quite a few different elements added in on this record, whether it’s synth sounds, the guitar sound, vocal styling—stuff like that. It’s pretty diverse and all over the place, but still has that PVRIS flair to it. I’m trying not to give away too much about it, because I still want to leave some mystery. It’s definitely different. There’s a lot of new and unique sounds added in on this record that will be prevalent throughout.”

Just a few days ago, Pvris front woman Lynn Gunn also spoke out about not being herself this past summer, pin-pointing the reason for her ways towards stress and the pressure the release can cause.

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Gunn’s tweets stated:

“Sorry if I haven’t seemed myself at our shows this summer… in the midst of navigating some vocal kinks & have felt very uncomfortable…”

“I try my best not to let outside stress get in the way during our shows… there’s a lot right now & it’s been carrying over too…”

“I try my best not to let outside stress get in the way during our shows… there’s a lot right now & it’s been carrying over too…”

“I hate that I’m even feeling the need to apologize? Just hope you know you’re loved & appreciated at these shows for being such good energy.”

“BUT… the good news is that MOST of the stress is just from trying to make this record as perfect as it can be while in the middle of tour.”

“Pardon me… “release” I should say… record is done… the rest is planning/filming for remaining vids, headline tour plans/direction, etc.”

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