5 Reasons That Your Band Isn’t Getting To The Next Level, According To Idobi Radio Show Host Scott Waldman

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LA-based, Long Island, NY native Scott Waldman is what you might call a true renaissance man. The musician/artist manager/a&r executive and host of the weekly show Waldman Words (heard on Idobi Radio

) has a lot on his plate and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The former bassist of pop punk outfit The City Drive (Sony) and guitarist/frontman of Lido Beach has turned his experience as a touring and signed musician into a major asset for his management clients and his numerous other endeavors.

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With first-hand knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the ever-changing music industry, and a clear vision of how to help musicians further their careers, Waldman has built up an impressive roster of clients that consists of recording artists (Boomtown Crooks, Filmspeed, Jess Coppens, formerly of Mirror Eyes/FLOODS etc), music producers (Alex Arias, Curtis Douglas, Dave Dominguez and Kim Shattuck) and comic Steven Briggs.

Recent partnerships with Rolling Artistsan exclusive producer/writer/session musician firm, have helped him expand and grow his roster further.

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Waldman’s popular weekly podcast Waldman’s Words, heard on pioneering internet radio site Idobi Radio, has given Waldman an additional platform with which to help and nurture new artists, to give exposure to developing talent, and to talk with assorted industry tastemakers, gatekeepers, and influencers about the latest developments in the music business.

Additionally, Waldman recently signed on as a senior A&R executive with newly launched LEGEND Recordings where he will help to discover and sign artists across multiple genres.

Now, Waldman is sharing advice for upcoming bands and getting down to the nitty gritty details of 5 reasons why your band isn’t getting to the next level. What do you think?

5. You don’t surround yourself with the right people – If there is negativity in your band (or on your team), and there seems to be zero improvement, cut it loose immediately. No achievement will feel like one if there’s always a troll/Debbie Downer around making the glass more than half empty. Be happy for what you have and strive for more in a positive/realistic fashion.
4. You’re entitled – Everyone wants to open for Paramore but not everyone puts in the work to get there. No one owes you anything. No. One. Now read #3.

3. You’re not quite there with your instrument (and yes, the voice is also an instrument) – Remember: All musicians start in the same place. There is no rush. Hone your craft and practice practice practice practice!

2. You’re not hustling – Yes, there are some exceptions, but you likely won’t be one. Promote your product (and promote it as intelligently as possible). Why would a manager, agent, label, or anyone else in a position of “power” want to work with you if you don’t work yourself? You can do this yourself.

1. You don’t hold yourself accountable – Everyone messes up. Apologies with excuses are NOT apologies. Own up.

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