Members Of Nickleback Reportedly Called Corey Taylor To Apologize For Chad Kroeger’s “Nickleback Lite” Comments

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Late last month

 we reported on how Nickleback vocalist Chad Kroeger knowingly started a total sh*t storm with his recent statement against Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor.

Kroeger began throwing shade at Taylor during an interview with Metal Covenant, referring to the maggot master’s side-band Stone Sour as “Nickleback Lite.”

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“Corey Taylor has said some really nasty things about me before in the press. He talks about how easy it is to write a hit song. Well, show me. Show me. Write one. I have yet to hear one. They’re okay. But they’re not as good as Nickelback. They sound like ‘Nickelback Lite’.” He said.

Chad then decided to aim fire at Taylor’s main band, Slipknot, saying “They had to put on masks and jump around. How good can your music be if you’ve gotta beat each other up on stage, throw up in your own masks every night…?”

“I mean, music shouldn’t come with a gimmick; music should just be music. None of my favourite music comes with a gimmick. And he got tired of sitting behind a mask — he wanted people to know what he looks like — so he started Stone Sour.” He continued.

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“I can’t think of another band that’s as diverse as [Nickelback]. I can’t,” Kroeger bragged during the interview (via Blabbermouth).

“And I don’t think that’s me talking from pride or ego. I mean, you’re sitting across the table. You know what you’re talking about.” He finished.

As the journalist conducting the interview used Stone Sour as an example of one rock band who is also known to be “very diverse,” Kroeger snapped back saying that Slipknot are “trying to be Nickleback.”

Today, Taylor fired back at Kroeger’s words, saying “You know what? I’ve never said it was easy to write a hit song,”

“I don’t know what the hell planet he’s living on. Apparently it’s Planet Kroeger, and there must be good weed there, ’cause he’s an idiot.”

Taylor continued “You can run your mouth all you want. All I know is I’ve been voted ‘Sexiest Dude In Rock’ wearing a mask. You’ve been voted ‘Ugliest Dude In Rock’ twice without one. Stick that up your a**.”

“I love Mike [Kroeger], I love… Everybody else in that band I’m very, very cool with; I’ve hung out with them. It’s just ‘Face Like A Foot’ who I can’t really hang out with. He’s got a face like a foot. Am I wrong?”

Now, in a new interview with radio station KISW, Taylor has commented on Kroeger’s statements yet again, saying “I’m not talking about that d*ckhead. Why do I give a sh*t what Chad Kroeger says?”

After the interview insisted Taylor elaborate on the incident, Taylor admitted “I’ll tell you what. This is how I figured it out. Chad Kroeger is to rock what KFC is to chicken. Is that wrong? I feel like i’m not wrong.”

“I’ll still eat it, but i’m not going to feel good about it.” he finished.

Now, in a positive turn of recent events, Nickleback members (besides Kroeger, of course) called Corey Taylor and apologized for Kroeger’s “Nickleback Lite” comments, as well as confirmed that they all have no problem with Taylor or his band, personally.

“That just tells you the level of ego you’re dealing with. And I’ve said this since day one — it’s not the [rest of his] band. Because the [other guys in the] band turned around… As soon as that story hit, the band called and apologized. They were, like, ‘It’s not us. We promise. It’s this guy. We don’t…’ And I had hung out with the band before, and they’re super-cool dudes. So I was, like… Well, I figured it wasn’t them. So I don’t want people holding it against the band, because it’s not them. It’s Captain Ego from Planet Douche.”

Taylor was also asked if there was any longstanding bad blood between the two bands. He replied with:

“No, not really. I mean, I said something maybe, like, fifteen years ago, but I was drinking then; nobody was listening to me then. And I hadn’t said anything since; I don’t even think about him. For real. This came so far out of left field that I woke up to everyone, like, blowing me up. And I was, like, ‘Really?’” [Transcribed via Blabbermouth]

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