[GRAPHIC] Female Assaulted At Spite Show; Conquer Divide Member Launches Fundraiser To Pay For Medical Bills

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Janelle Dunnaway, Artery Recordings’ Conquer Divide’s own hair stylist and regular show-goer was recently struck in the head by a man, now identified as Daniel Flint, on the edge of a mosh pit at a recent SPITE show at the Roxy Theatre in Denver, Colorado this past weekend.

Due to the incident, Dunnaway has received multiple skull and nasal fractures, which has resulted in several missing teeth. Dunnaway had at the time attempted to save what was possible and re-implant the teeth, however a large number were lost at the venue. Since, Dunnaway’s oral surgeon has told her that she may also still lose more.

Conquer Divide’s Kristen Woutersz has now also launched a GoFundMe fundraiser for Dunnaway, in the hope to assist Dunnaway in urgent surgeries and procedures she will have to face in the future due to this unfortunate and careless act of violence. Dunnaway reportedly does not have insurance and bills are already totalling in the thousands.

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A number of updates have also been posted via the GoFundMe, outlining:

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“I spent the entire night in the ER, i still haven’t slept. I bled for 12 hours straight, FOUR teeth. I can’t close my mouth due to the one tooth that’s still there being knocked so far back. And the other one that’s there is chipped. They will probably both come out in time. One got lost in the venue. I caught one and they tried to stick it back in but it failed.”

Update from 7/24/17:

“I had my first round of surgery last night, there will be at least 3 more over the next 6 months. My skull is fractured in multiple places, up into my nose. There were pieces of bone scattered all over the place that I had to have drilled out. I had to have new gum tissue and bone grafted in over the entire area. They hammered the two teeth that are still in there into place and splinted them, but they are dead and will have to be removed later. I’ve never been in more pain in my life. The surgery was the most traumatic experience I’ve ever been through. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I have some temporary fake teeth so thank god I can at least leave my house now. It’s impossible for me to eat with the amount of pain I’m in right now…”

While the incident appears to be unintentional, the man who struck Dunnaway, Daniel Flint, has allegedly made no attempt to apologize or even attempt to console dunnaway.

Adding fuel to the fire, Flint’s friends have also started congregating on Dunnaway’s social media, harassing her, undermining her injuries and the incident as a whole, and victim shaming her for standing near the mosh pit during the show.


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