Palaye Royale’s Remington Leith Attacks Girl On Instagram For Not Being A Fan Of Their Music

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The Alternative Press Music Awards were hosted last night and with the awards show came a lot of controversy over who really deserved to win each category. One category being the “Best Underground Band” category which saw Silent Planet take the throne, much to the surprise of “Fashion-art” rock band Palaye Royale, who was also nominated for the award.

Earlier today, an Instagram user running a band fan account posted an image to the social media platform, expressing their love for Palaye Royale, despite the loss during the awards show. Following, Instagram user Band_StoryBingo, also known as Alaina, responded to the image jokingly saying “I don’t like them, oops.”

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A few moments later, Alaina received a direct message from Palaye Royale’s front man Remington Leith, who had messaged her “F*ck you!”.

“Nothing against you tbh, just don’t like your music.” Said Alaina, to which Leith replied, “Well still go f*ck yourself!”.

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Following the messages, Leith has also blocked the Instagram user – and just about anyone else who spoke up to confront him on the matter, as well as others who voiced their opinion on how much Silent Planet deserved the award over the fashion-art rock band, obviously to Leith’s dislike.

Following multiple posts on the incident, various music fans, music photographers and musicians weighed in on the matter.

“They should feel honored they were even nominated,” said Sin Spitter front man, Zack Barthel.

“I just saw these guys not too long ago open for Good Charlotte. There goes all my respect for that band,” Said fellow musician and Angel Maker guitarist, Matt Perrin.

Ex Dayshell/Falling In Reverse member and current Vespera frontman Jonathan Wolfe also joined in, tweeting “I mean, if they want a trophy that bad they can literally go buy one for less than $20. No reason to get salty.”

Fit For A King singer and bassist, Ryan Tuck O’Leary also made a small comment on the matter, stating “Wowzers”.

One photographer, Ryan Malloy even went as far as removing his file of photos of Palaye Royale from his computer.

Even Brojob made an appearance, jokingly tweeting in full Brojob fashion, “Someone needs to get kissed.”

Our heroes.



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