Korn Cancel Alternative Press Music Awards Appearance

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Korn have officially cancelled their performance at this years Alternative Press Music Awards “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

The band posted a statement that was shared on their social media pages, stating “We are unable to perform at Monday night’s show.”

“We apologize to anyone we may disappoint by this decision, but know that we put a lot of thought into making it,” they added. “We don’t take these things lightly, and hope to see you all soon.”

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The Alternative Press Music Awards also recently surprised everyone last week, when they changed the venue of this year’s event from The Q to State Theatre.

Fans speculated that the sudden move suggested a lack of ticket sales, although Founder Mike Shea says his vision goes far beyond filling an arena from ticket sales.

“In order for the show to work, I had to stop treating it like a concert,” he says. “It’s an award show. Our biggest thing isn’t selling tickets. It’s drawing people to the live stream.” he said, as reported by

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“With the move to State Theatre, it’s very much like the Tony Awards now in a way,” says Shea. “You’re going to have these cool camera angles that show rows and rows of kids all dressed up in this beautiful, ornate opera house.”

This year, Shea had also been the victim of harsh criticism, with some fans pushing for Shea to add a headliner to the awards show.

“You don’t really see a ‘headliner’ on the Grammys or Oscars.”

“Of course I need names,” Shea admits. “But there are only seven or so rock bands in this scene that would be big enough to fill out a venue like The Q. And most of them want millions of dollars to step outside their front door. I can’t be dependent on whether or not Blink-182 or Green Day wants to come or not.” He continued.

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