Green Day Are Under Fire For Playing Set After Fatal Death Occurs In Front Of Audience

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American punk band Green Day is under fire today for their actions when they reportedly performed at a festival in Spain just moments after an acrobat tragically fell to his death beside the stage.

The performer, who was suspended in the air inside an illuminated box was performing at the Mad Cool Festival on Friday night when the performers harness broke mid-performance, causing the performer to fall 30 metres to the ground in front of over 35,000 people lined up to see Green Day’s performance.

Following the accident, Green Day took the stage and performed in front of the audience of over 35,000.

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Many have taken to social media to express their feelings on Green Day continuing to perform their set at the festival, even after the horrific sight. However, Green Day state that they were unaware of the incident until after they played their set.

Tweets sent to the band on the matter read:

“Ashamed of you. An artist died just 20 meters from you and you still play. Worst band on the planet.”

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“Im (sic) leaving the Madcool after an acrobat died mid show, and no one in the organisation said anything.”

Mad Cool released a statement defending their decision to continue the festival despite the accident.

“Mad Cool Festival regrets the terrible accident that the aerial dancer suffered during the second day of the festival. For security reasons, the festival decided to continue with its programming. We send our most sincere condolences to all his family. Tomorrow Saturday 8, during the festival, we will render a heartfelt tribute to the artist.”

Footage of the incident was also captured by an audience member. However, out of respect for the participants of the crowd, the performer and his family, we have decided against reposting it.

Our condolences go out to everyone involved in the incident.

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