Members Of Letlive, The Chariot & Night Verses Form New Super Group Called The Fever

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Yesterday we reported on a series of cyptic posts that first started a few days ago and had then expanded more and more as each day goes by. Of course, Ex-Letlive frontman Jason Butler was at the root of the posts, hinting at something he has in the works. Butler at the time hadn’t given away exactly what his new project was yet, but by judging from his posts, we only assumed it was a new art project, a new music project or possibly a political pool party – whatever the heck that is.

Butlers posts read:

“To those of you who want change, here is an offering to start that conversation,” Butler wrote via his official Instagram

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“I’ve had a lot of people asking me what I’ll be doing in the future – here is a taste of that. I love art. I love being a musician. I love progress. And I am no stranger to pushing back if I feel it is necessary.”

“This will be an exhibition of all the things I love w/ like minded people for whom I care deeply.  To all the tired, frustrated, and brave, come join us.”

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Since the posts, Letlive fans from all around the world have been storming social media trying to figure out exactly what Butler has instore for them, and finally the long wait is over.

Yesterday, the group that included Letlive’s Jason Butler, The Chariots Stephen Harrison, and Night Verses’s own Aric played their first show as The Fever, and shocked fans of all three bands. Its official – The Fever is here, and it’s an epidemic.

View a video of the show below:

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