Blood On The Dancefloor Reforms With New Member; Teases New Music

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The statement read:

“THIS IS IT! THE FINAL #BOTDF TOUR EVER!!! And it’s bitter sweet. The tour was design out of respect to the fans to say THANK YOU for giving me the ten best years of my life. You deserve one final show before the chapter in Blood is closed. It’s the least I can do for you guys giving me the greatest memories of my life. But this will be the last performances of BOTDF forever.

I will not re open this chapter after these dates. I am done and ready to move on with Sinnersarewinners Catch me on my solo run in 2017 with some amazing acts! This is the end. So expect me to be adding extra songs to the set and playing some throwback songs as well. I am fucking grateful to announce that Tear Out The Heart will be joining us on this run along with many other incredible acts. VIP! If you have purchased VIP but the show was cancelled. We will still honor your purchase!

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Please email our customer support at [email protected] to honor your purchase and email you the times etc the day before the show. To all #SGTC Please purchase your tickets in advance. Let’s make this an incredible experience. Death is only a chapter. So long & farewell! VIP tickets will be $25 and go on sale this FRIDAY. Don’t forget on 11/11/16 R.I.P. The single will be FREE to download on

Also we will be adding a few more dates. So keep in mind that more shows will be added.

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I am gone.. So Long.”

Following the breakup, back in May Blood On The Dance Floor announced their “resurrection” and made a post via their official Facebook page, announcing their upcoming release “Resurrection Spell” which was released in early June.

The release was the first new track available to the public since their break-up.

Last month we reported on Dahvie Vanity who had posted a video via YouTube, going through the history of Blood On The Dance Floor, and how Jayy really did depart the band – speculation that was never officially confirmed until the release of the video. Vanity claims just Jay “Left out of nowhere” and blocked him on social media due to being removed from healthcare, allegations which Vanity also denies.

Vanity also went into detail about the Australian tour that Blood On The Dance Floor cancelled at the time due to Jayy being ill, however in the video Vanity tells that Jayy wasn’t ever sick and just simply didn’t want to do the tour.

At the end of the video, Vanity revealed that Blood On The Dance Floor had already replaced Jayy with his current girlfriend.

“We’re back and stronger than ever” says Vanity.

You can view the whole video below:

Now the controversial band are teasing a new album titled “Kawaii Monster” which will feature the newest member.

The duo have already released a track off the album titled “Resurrection Spell” and have been teasing another titled “Yo Ho 2 (Pirates Life)” which will be released later next month, and trust us when we say it looks as cringy as the title indicates.

“We wanted to take pirates and give it a gangsta twist lol. It’s fun! Upbeat! And an instant classic. I can’t wait to share this one with you. Who’s gonna pre order and support the art!” Said Vanity via Facebook.

The two also post regular videos on their YouTube channel to update their fanbase on whats coming and address “haters.”

You can view their latest video below:

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