Ex Of Mice & Men Vocalist Austin Carlile Reveals New Music Project From Hospital Bed

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Ex Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile has recently been battling various issues that have stemmed from his Marfans Syndrome that have resulted in him being in and out of hospital for the last month. His condition also resulted in Carlile being airlifted to hopsital in Costa Rica and eventually transferred to a U.S hospital to further his treatment.

Last night, Carlile posted another emotional update on his current health situation via his official Twitter account, as well as announced something special for his fans.

Carlile tweeted:

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“Spent the past 8 months recovering from last Octobers spinal tears that forced me to leave band… during the past 3 months was receiving a series of 24-34 injections in my spine, hips, & legs every 3 weeks. As well as weekly IV treatments… Was making progress until earlier in June when I began losing feeling & use of my legs… That was what ultimately hospitalized me in Costa Rica, then led me here to Stanford to find out what exactly was going on… Has been tough… but I am tougher. Has been the biggest obstacle to overcome… but God is bigger.”

“This is the longest I’ve gone in 10 years w/out playing music/touring. The wound stays fresh, a massive piece of me ripped away & missing…”

“But honestly the part I’ve missed the most is YOU. My dream/journey wouldn’t have been possible w/out all of you in the first place x”

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“I HAVE been working on new music though… one of the only things that has kept me sane…”

Carlile also posted a short video on Twitter that previews his new music endeavours. Will he stick to his heavy roots or branch off into new genres? It seems we’ll have to wait a little longer to see.


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