Vans Warped Tour Bands Being As An Ocean And Hundredth Survive Bus Fire

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A Vans Warped Tour bus was on the way to the Nashville date of the tour when it suddenly caught fire around 4 a.m. Passengers – which have since been identified as Being As An Ocean and Hundredth took off what equipment they could as they evacuated the bus immediately.

One member involved said that after leaving Kansas City last night, all electrical outlets on the bus stopped working. The bus, that shared by both bands suddenly caught fire at 6th and Chouteau.

“Around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, we smelled smoke and woke up to our guitarist Tyler telling all of us to get out and there was a fire,” said a crew member for Being as an Ocean. “We all rushed out. No shirt, no shoes. Everything went up in flames.”

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It has been reported that a dozen people were safely evacuated from the bus.

Mathieu-East also told Kmov that they are currently waiting to find out if their equipment and merchandise are still usable during Vans Warped Tour.

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“Where I am Right now it’s 5am and I’m standing in the street with Being as an ocean and Hundredth and we’re on tour with Vans, in the middle of the night we woke up to discover the entire bus was on fire, lost everything, currently watching firefighters spray the whole thing down, my phone is gone could someone please message my parents and let them know I’m okay, thank you, I love you all, just glad to be alive. Will keep you updated.” A source tells Soundlink Magazine.

No injuries have been reported since the incident.

“It’s just stuff,” he said. “Not one person has a burn mark or a scratch. I’m just happy that we’re all okay.” Says crew member Mathieu-East.

Vans Warped Tour dates:

6/16 — Seattle, Wash.
6/17 — Portland, Ore.
6/21 — Albuquerque, N.M.
6/22 — Phoenix, Ariz.
6/23 — Las Vegas, Nev.
6/24 — Salt Lake City, Utah
6/25 — Denver, Colo.
6/27 — Nashville, Tenn.
6/28 — New Orleans, La.
6/29 — Atlanta, Ga.
6/30 — Orlando, Fla.
7/01 — Tampa, Fla.
7/02 — West Palm Beach, Fla.
7/06 — Charlotte, N.C.
7/07 — Philadelphia, Pa.
7/08 — Long Island, N.Y.
7/09 — Hartford, Ct.
7/10 — Scranton, Pa.
7/11 — Virginia Beach, Va.
7/12 — Boston, Mass.
7/13 — Buffalo, N.Y.
7/14 — Pittsburgh, Pa.
7/15 — Holmdel, N.J.
7/16 — Washington, D.C.
7/18 — Cleveland, Ohio
7/19 — Cincinnati, Ohio
7/20 — Indianapolis, Ind.
7/21 — Detroit, Mich.
7/22 — Chicago, Ill.
7/23 — Minneapolis, Minn.
7/24 — Milwaukee, Wis.
7/26 — St. Louis, Mo.
7/27 — Kansas City, Kan.
7/28 — Dallas, Texas
7/29 — San Antonio, Texas
7/30 — Houston, Texas
8/04 — San Francisco, Calif.
8/05 — San Diego, Calif.
8/06 — Los Angeles, Calif.

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