Suicide Silence Reveal That They’re “Thinking About” Keeping Their New Sound

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Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylum recently took part in an interview with Mike James Rock Show at Download Festival to talk about the bands future plans for new music, and the controversial reaction fans had to the bands new direction of sounds with the release of their last album.

Heylum first began by talking about whether Suicide Silence would continue on the route of a less heavy sound as debut throughout their last album.

Heylum says, “We’re really thinking about it. We’re always thinking about it. I think that one, we’re still going to go into it with the ‘mystery,’ because I think the mystery is a lot of what of the goodness of the music fucking sick, its like you don’t know what’s going to come out and when it does, you’re, like, ‘There it is.’ On the other end, we went into this last record, full mystery, like, ‘We don’t know what’s going to happen.’ Now we have a bag of tricks that we learned from while writing this record and we’re going to utilize what we did with this last one and just meld everything that we’ve done in the past and get gnarly.”

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“I know that we probably are going to end up having some super-, super-heavy shit, but at the same time, we are having a good time with the fucking melodrama and writing really chill songs.”

Heylum also briefly discussed Suicide Silence’s fanbase and reaction for the changes, saying “It’s all a journey, dude. We could have changed our name and wrote a record and tried to fucking… I don’t know. I think the general consensus is that there’s a view on bands that it’s, like, ‘Oh, every band is trying to become fucking famous and become huge and get on the radio and do all of this stuff.’ When a band like SUICIDE SILENCE starts clean singing, you don’t get an open ear as much. You just get, ‘Oh, what the fuck are these guys trying to do?’ They don’t listen to it and think about like, maybe this is ‘real.’ Maybe this isn’t an attempt at being something they’re not.”

Following the release of Suicide Silence’s new album, Suicide Silence had reached a new low in terms of sales within the first week of the release – the most dramatic being based in Australia and Germany. Suicide Silence’s album debuted at #98 on the charts in Germany and debuted at #78 on the charts in Australia, both of which are a drastic decline in first week sales in comparison to 2014’s “You Can’t Stop Me.”

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The album only sold 4,600 units in it’s first week of sales across the U.S, a dramatic decline in comparison to “You Can’t Stop Me” which sold over 15,000 in it’s first week of sales.

Front man, Eddie Hermida spoke out in an interview with Music Frenzy about the album sales and it turns out, he’s not as upset as you probably thought he’d be.

Hermida mentioned, “Everything seems to be crumbling to pieces, and that is exactly what is going to make me go harder and push harder and just become a better musician.” He continues, “Everything that is happening is happening for a reason and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of everything.”

“This is the record that we were born to make as a band,” Hermida says.

Hermida continued to say that he was “born to create that record.”

“I was born to sound exactly the way I sound on that record. I was born to take all the flak. I was born to understand and grow from what happened on this record. Even if you sell 16,000 records and you end up with #13 on the top 200 Billboard list, you can still feel empty inside if you’re not following your heart 100%” Hermida says.

“If people don’t like it, then I succeeded even more because i’m learning from my “mistakes,” even though it’s not a mistake – it was meant to be the way it is. We don’t need people to respect it. We just wanted to kick a** and listen to it and say “f*ck yeah.”

What do you think about Suicide Silence potentially keeping their new (and controversial) sound?

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