VIEW: The Amity Affliction Shine Down On Brisbane During Anticipated Hometown Show!

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Being someone who is never really punctual to anything, really ever, it’s a true struggle to make it to shows on time to see the first act and tonight is no different as I attempt to run to Riverstage in my new high-heeled boots like Brisbane’s biggest schmuck. Despite that it is the middle of winter I am standing here puffing and sweating as I hand my ticket over at the gate and rush on through. For once in my life I can say “look mum, I made it!” as the first riff starts for Perth’s hardcore royalty, Make Them Suffer. This is my second time catching a show that had Make Them Suffer as the support act, with the first show being almost exactly a year ago at Parkway Drive’s All Aussie Adventure tour. After seeing their show a year ago I had promised myself that I would buy their album but never got around to it, but watching the crowd feather down to the pit and begin to get rowdy I knew that this was a band that meant business and that album would be in the palm of my hands in no time. With the energy they were bringing to their performance, it was definitely beginning to amp me up as well as the group of sweaty lads throwing down next to me.

Making my way to the top of the arena to get a bottle of water to refresh myself and get some fresh air from the strong smell of sweat and vapes from inside the pit, I am starting to think that it might be a good chance to sit down on the green and rest my already swollen feet. Okay, so here I am, at a show with a line up of heavier acts and all I can hear is Congratulations by Post Malone over the speakers… and then nothing. The lights dim and then shine blindingly bright as Beartooth grace the stage announcing “Are you motherf*ckers ready for the craziest show of your life?”. In my mind you can hear me shouting “hell f*ck yeah boys, tear up that stage!”.

Caleb (Shomo) begins singing the first few words of Aggressive and the crowd reaction is truly glorious. The boys begin pumping out all of their banger tracks between the albums Aggressive and Disgusting making sure that their fans had a taste of their older tracks too. “Put your arms around each other… Make out with each other… whatever!” shouts Shomo before the first riff of The Lines begin. A few tracks later and here I am getting nostalgic for a song that is only three years old, but i’m almost sure as I look around that i’m not the only one. “Up on the mountain I see down below, It’s easy to lose yourself I know. Can’t hear what you’re shouting, I’m deaf to your show” sings Shomo as I sit in the crowd agreeing that i’m also beginning to get deaf at the show. This song is what brought me to be a Beartooth fan when it was released just over three years ago on the album Disgusting when I had completely violated the album for a full 10 hour drive home to visit my mum. Finally, the end of the set was here but the crowd was wanting so much more repetitively shouting “ONE MORE SONG” but the boys were done and had to make way for the heavenly (see what I did there? for all you uneducated scrags PVRIS’s new track is called Heaven) act coming up soon, PVRIS.

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Finally it begins to get cold as I make my way back up to the top of the arena to sit down but lo and behold it’s packed. PVRIS have a very ambient sound which is why at this point of the night I decide it’s a prime time to sit down. Beginning with one of their top tracks from their debut album White Noise, Smoke, the crowd erupts. So you betcha, here I am singing every word to every song until they announce that they are about to play a track from their new album, Half, which has yet to be released. The song finishes and a bunch of show-goers in their tall tee’s and snapbacks decide it’s a good idea at this point to stand right in front of where I am sitting, but even when i’m standing I can’t see past them. The only view of the stage I can see now is a shadow of the drummer, Justin Nace, going to town on his kit. The set continues and they play track after track of absolutely amazing songs as lead singer Lynn Gunn takes a drum stick and joins Nace at his kit, and then heads over to the piano and plays her own solo. Three more tracks later and PVRIS are finishing up their set, and if it wasn’t for The Amity Affliction being up next, I would be done too.

The Amity Affliction are about to grace the stage but again the venue that’s playing crowd favorites over the speakers to keep the crowd entertained are going off with Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Dancing in my boots, the lights start to dim and the boys are running onto the stage and kickstarting with their hit from Chasing Ghosts – Open Letter. The confetti cannon, which i’ve been waiting all night for, is exploding white paper making it look the party of the year that you know you need to be at. The pit was going crazy looking like a bunch of sardines moving in unison, jumping up and down with the occasional roll of toilet paper, beach ball or  dirty shoe flying around.

Weigh Down begins and thanks to the pyro stage entertainment, the flames are burning up… literally. As I push my way further and further into the pit I stand next to a father and his daughter when one of Amity’s fresher hits I Bring The Weather With Me comes on and this little rascal, I kid you not, knew all the words! I’m rarely impressed but this champ deserves the highest of fives. The next song to kick off was what I have waited all night for, All F*cked Up. Lighters are raising and Joel Birch makes a short but sweet dedication of the song to his friend in the crowd, Sam, and to himself and all of those who suffer with anxiety and depression. This is one thing I truly appreciate The Amity Affliction and their live shows is that every time I have seen them, they address serious issues that show those in their audience that they are not alone.

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Two songs later and the hit Shine On begins, which after seeing the meme comparing it to the Duloc dolls in Shrek, I felt kind of ruined. As Amity love to give the crowd what they want they not only came out for a one song encore but they performed three of their larger hits – Pittsburgh, Don’t Lean On Me and This Could Be Heartbreak.

Review written by: Gabrielle Savva
Photos by: Carley Marie


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