Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop Opens Up About New Album; “Welcome To A New Era”

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Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop has posted an update on the upcoming (and now complete) Asking Alexandria album on to his personal Facebook page.

The Facebook post entitled Worsnop’s thoughts on the album, as well as the progression of album releases Asking Alexandria have put out over the years.

The Facebook post read:

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“I have had so much fun writing an album I never thought I’d make with people I never thought I’d make on with again.

“It’s out of the box, out of my comfort zone, out of the ordinary, and out of this world!”

“This is something totally new and unique that I cannot wait for the world to hear. This album has me proud, humbled, reassured, and affirmed. Welcome to a new era, and a new sound which I’m sure in 2 years will be ripped off by far too many artists (there’s a song about that on here too).”

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“You will not hear songs about partying, or girls, or how rock and roll I am. Instead you will hear some of the most carefully crafted songs I’ve ever made that hopefully will live longer than I do.”

“Thank you to @benjaminpaulbruce for writing some phenomenal music for me to create stories with, @officialsambettley @cassells and @cameronjamesliddell for their great talent in making this sound so good, and @mattg00d for heading the operation and fooling the world into thinking I know what I’m doing.

Shout out to the band’s manager @diony1 and label @sumerianrecords, namely @ashavildsen who is responsible for me being here after a very persuasive conversation as brothers in Los Angeles last October. You are all very dear to my heart and I appreciate you all.”

A release date for the new album to drop is still unclear, but Worsnop has revealed in the past that fans can expect more sometime during 2018. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later!

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