Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce Reveals News On Twitter

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Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce had recently shared an incredible announcement via his social media when he announced the pregnancy of his second child.

Bruce made the announcement via his official Twitter page earlier this week when he shared an adorable image of his daughter wearing a “big sister” outfit, alongside an image of an ultrasound. The caption under the image read “Tiny Bruce Incoming” and fans wen’t crazy over the exciting news.

View the original tweet below:

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Back in late May, fans began speculating the possibility of a brand new Asking Alexandria album.

Following the speculation, the bands producer Matt Good made a post via his official Instagram page alongside the caption “”So stoked to use all these beautiful babies for Asking Alexandria drum tracking tomorrow. Day 1 of who knows ? Maybe James just kills the whole record first day!? Lol” which confirmed that Asking Alexandria has officially begun making a new album.

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View the Instagram post below:

Earlier in June, we also saw that Asking Alexandria released an official video trailer for their anticipated new song “I Am Iniquity” that’s the first sign of Danny Wornsop’s new vocals on Asking Alexandria since rejoining the band after Denis Stoff’s departure.

You can catch a behind the scenes look at the new track below:

Following this, front man Danny Worsnop also tweeted, confirming that he was currently in the studio and hinting that the new album could potentially be released next year.

“Now, From Death to Destiny… 2018, the new one.” read one tweet posted by the Asking Alexandria front man.

“In the studio right now” Read another.

View the tweets below:


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