Austin Carlile Faces Emergency Surgery In Costa Rica

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Ex vocalist of Of Mice & Men Austin Carlile has reportedly been airlifted to a hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica to undergo an emergency spinal surgery.

We first saw sight of Carlile’s health struggles when he revealed an update on how his condition was progressing to his loyal fans via his personal Instagram story.

His Instagram story posts read:

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“Been in hospital the past few days, was taken by helicopter to San Jose, Costa Rica yesterday morning…”

“My team discovered 2 cysts growing on my low spine. I head into the operation room at 6 PM today…”

According to Carlile, medical professionals in Puerto Rico had discovered two cysts on his spine which would require him to have emergency surgery.

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Following the social media updates, Carlile also reached out to his fans and asked them to pray for him as he faces this troubling time head on.

“It has been a rough 8 months, not out of the woods yet, the fight continues on, I must as well. Please keep me in your prayers this evening,” he said.

As seen below, a number of fans also took to social media to offer their words of support.



The ex Of Mice & Men frontman had announced his departure from Of Mice & Men in late December of 2016. Following the news, Aaron Pauley, Alan Ashby, Phil Manansala and Valentino Arteaga announced that they will continue as a four-piece band.

Since his departure, Carlile had been volunteering as a children’s baseball coach.

“The very best donation you can make is with your time…” Very thankful for my cousins in Arkansas sending down new shoes for our team though!! Most of us had never even worn cleats before! All the equipment we use is donated by various people and we are so grateful! We even moved from using a tee to live pitching (after NAILING one young batter it also forced me to become a better pitcher immediately haha!) Even during all my procedures and treatments I look forward to teaching local baseball each week here because it helps heal the pain & nausea for those few hours we get to spend together, and because I see a little bit of myself in every young person there.” carlile expressed on his new position.

More updated on Carlile’s condition will be posted as released. We wish Austin the very best.

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