Rock Am Ring Festival Evacuated Due To Terrorist Threats

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Yesterday, Germany’s notorious Rock Am Ring festival was evacuated due to a reported terrorist threat. The threat left over 85,000 music fans leaving festival grounds in unison. According to twitter, the grounds were cleared within 1 hour.

You can read the festival’s full statements below, via Facebook.

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“These are the news we all have been waiting for:
Rock am Ring 2017 will go on! After intensive searches and sweeps of the complete festival site by the police the suspicion of a potential terrorist threat has not been confirmed.
Set up for day 2 of Rock am Ring has commenced and the program is going to be resumed in the early afternoon. The incredibly disciplined fans deserve all our respect and gratitude.
We keep you posted.”

“As a result of the interruption of Rock am Ring ordered by the police, Rammstein will unfortunately not be able to perform on stage within this year´s festival. Despite every effort made it proved impossible to integrate the band into the ongoing schedule of the two remaining festival days.

The Broilers will resume their interrupted performance on Saturday evening. The question is being weight whether other acts, that have been unable to perform on Friday evening, can still be integrated into the event. Further information to follow a.s.a.p.”

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Following the event, Rock am Ring festival spokepersons announced via their official Facebook page that they will be releasing more in-depth details regarding the threat, along with confirmation of whether the festival will go ahead or not.

Read their entire statement below:

“The organizers of Rock am Ring and the police are working nightshifts to take all necessary measures to guarantee a safe festival. More detailed information will be announced tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the press conference of the Ministry of the Interior of Rhineland-Palatinate. We will inform you as soon as we have confirmed information about the possible continuation of the festival. Unfortunately we have to rely on external sources for these information. We all hope to rock on together tomorrow. Despite all difficulties we are grateful for this fantastic teamwork we all showed today.
Your Rock am Ring Team and your Guardian Angels”

The terrorist threats unfortunately came to light  less than 2 weeks after 22 people lost their lives, and another 119 were severely injured after a suicide bomber attacked Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena.

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