Hundredth Frontman Comes Clean About The Bands Neglect Of Hardcore; “It began to feel like a job”

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Following a large outcry from Hundredth fans around the world, vocalist Chadwick Johnson has taken to social media to clarify statements he had originally made during a recent interview about the band’s controversial new album, “Rare.”

During the interview, Johnson says he had “been [unhappy] for years” with the band’s original hardcore and metalcore sound, but that he had “just swallowed it because it’s a paycheck.”

Johnson took to the band’s Facebook page earlier on Thursday to explain in detail the intended context of his statement during the interview. Johnson allegedly has seen some “misunderstanding about what [was] meant in the CLRVYNT interview.”

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The full Facebook post read:

“I see some misunderstanding about what I meant in the CLRVYNT interview…

The truth is we didn’t want to keep doing the same thing over & over. Churn out a “safe” record to keep the train moving & food on the table.

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We drained our “hardcore” vein on Free. After it, we felt unfulfilled & boxed in. We had nothing left to give without rehashing the same shit (for a “paycheck”).

We toured for two years on Free & it began to feel like a job (like a “paycheck”). That was never our intention when we started this band and we didn’t want it to become that.

Also — revisiting where we were mentally at age 19 for 200 days out of the year was exhausting. Our old records didn’t represent where we were anymore.

It would have been a spineless move for us to hang around, wring the sponge, & play pretend (for a “paycheck”).

We’ve never sugarcoated anything & there’s no sense in starting now. We felt we owed it to anyone who knew of our band to explain where we were & where RARE came from.

So I was as honest as possible in the CLRVYNT interview about where we were.

Like it, love it, hate it, ignore it— I just wanted to be real about it.”

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