I Prevail Drummer Steps Down From Band

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Long term I Prevail drummer Lee Runestad has officially stepped down from the band, according to a statement Runestad made via his personal Facebook page just minutes ago.

The statement read:

“Hey guys. It was a difficult decision, but I Prevail and I have decided to amicably part ways. I enjoyed my time in the band and wish I Prevail luck in its future endeavors.”

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Runestad also posted a similar statement via his official Twitter profile at the same time. It read:

“Hey guys. It was a difficult decision, but I Prevail and I have decided to amicably part ways.”

A number of fans responded to Runestads tweets.

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“Absolutely gutted to hear this, but I wish you the very best of luck. Great things will happen whatever path you follow next.” Said one fan. “That deeply saddens me. But, I’ll continue to support your decisions. Love ya Lee” Said another.

No official statement has yet been made by the band on any social media. However, we’re sure more details will come in the near future.

Rumoured to replace Runestad is Drum Beats Online’s own Gabe Helguera, who has been reportedly touring with I Prevail since April, and has also been seen featured in the band’s latest music video for “Come And Get It”

You can view Come And Get It below:

You can view a list of I Prevail Warped Tour Dates below:

6/16 – Seattle, WA
6/17 – Portland, OR
6/21 – Albuquerque, NM
6/22 – Phoenix, AZ
6/23 – Las Vegas, NV
6/24 – Salt Lake City UT
6/25 – Denver, CO
6/27 – Nashville, TN
6/28 – New Orleans, LA
6/29 – Atlanta, GA
6/30 – Orlando, FL
7/1 – Tampa, FL
7/2 – West Palm Beach, FL
7/4 – Willington, NC
7/6 – Charlotte, NC
7/7 – Philadelphia, PA
7/8 – Long Island, NY
7/9 – Hartford, CT
7/10 – Scranton, PA
7/11 – Virginia Beach, VA
7/12 – Boston, MA
7/13 – Buffalo, NY
7/14 – Pittsburgh, PA
7/15 – Holmdel, NJ
7/16 – Washington, DC
7/18 – Cleveland, OH
7/19 – Cincinnati, OH
7/20 – Indianapolis, IN
7/21 – Detroit, MI
7/22 – Chicago, IL
7/23 – Minneapolis, MN
7/24 – Milwaukee, WI
7/26 – St. Louis, MO
7/28 – Dallas, TX
7/29 – San Antonia, TX
7/30 – Houston, TX
8/4 – San Francisco, CA
8/5 – San Diego, CA
8/6 – Los Angeles, CA

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