Paramore’s Hayley Williams Says She Was Ready To Quit The Band 2 Years Ago

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In a fresh new interview with Behind The Brand, Hayley Williams spoke out about Paramore’s 2 year hiatus, and admits to considering quitting the band.

“Two years ago, I was ready to quit. I had been through a lot personally, and the band had been through a lot. I doubted if I could write a record that I loved as much as our self-titled record,” Paramore’s Hayley Williams says.

“I just thought, ‘I’ve been stressing this for thirteen years. I’ve been working my ass off for thirteen years, since before I had a car, since before I had anything that was mine, the only thing that was mine was this music.’ She continued.

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“I really felt like maybe it was time to hang it up and find out what other things I could be good at—whether that’s starting a family or doing hair dye or whatever it was—but my dad always said that if you’re not happy, ‘hang it up.’

“But I have been unhappy, and I didn’t hang it up, and I’m so glad that I didn’t.”

Williams also later compared Paramore’s latest album “After Laughter” to their self-titled album “Paramore.”

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“I never struggled with anxiety until these past two years, like, ‘what if I never make something that I love as much as the self-titled album? What if our fourth album was our last album?’ There was even a moment where I thought it should be our last album, because I don’t want to make a fifth album and it sucks. I don’t want to disappoint myself more than I don’t want to disappoint how many people that might buy it. I never made a fifth record before, until me and my friends wrote it and recorded it.”

“I think when I’ve felt something in my gut, and I didn’t follow that, I’ve paid for it every time. I think that we do know ourselves, I think we do know our passions and the things that might put us in danger—these are instinctive things,” Williams says. “We know what we’re capable of, and even when we know we might not be capable, we know we when can give it a shot and be alright.

She then continued “For me, following that gut feeling, even when it didn’t work out or look the way that I thought it would, has always paid off.”

You can view the full interview below:

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