From First To Lasts’ Matt Good Confirms New Asking Alexandria Album

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Earlier this month, we reported

on an Instagram post made by Asking Alexandria member Ben Bruce yesterday that featured bassist Sam Bettley in a studio with his guitar, potentially in the process of making a new album.

The photo displayed Bettley sitting beside From First To Last’s own Matt Good, who’s rumored to be producing the record, alongside the caption “Matt Good just reassuring Mr. Bettley, the bombtastic bassist, that everything he is laying down right now is in fact bombtastic.”

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When speaking to Finlands Kaaos TV earlier in March, Ben Bruce spoke briefly about the upcoming album, stating “The whole album’s written and is ready to be recorded properly.”

“And then we have some huge touring opportunities in the works that we are working on right now, so it’s going to be exciting,” He continued.

The new album would be the first featuring frontman Danny Wornsop since re-joining the band.

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“We were continuing on as Asking Alexandria with Denis [Stoff] to keep the band going, and we had a great time. We wrote and recorded a great record together, and I have no regrets at all,” Bruce said.

“But Danny is part of our family. He started the band with me and the other guys; we’re the five original members. We went through a tough time, obviously, like a lot of relationships do. But I did say to Danny the day he called me and left the band the first time, I said, ‘There’ll always be a place for you in Asking Alexandria,’ because he started the band with us. And people forget everything that we went through together to get to where we are. Everything happens for a reason… None of us could be any happier than we are now.”

Following the speculation, yesterday producer Matt Good made a post via his official Instagram page alongside the caption “”So stoked to use all these beautiful babies for Asking Alexandria drum tracking tomorrow. Day 1 of who knows ? Maybe James just kills the whole record first day!? Lol” which confirmed that Asking Alexandria has officially begun making a new album.

No official comment regarding a new album has been made by the band on social media as of yet, but we’re definitely excited to see new material in the works!

View the Instagram post below:


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