Chris Fronzak & Ash Costello Share Advice On Dealing With Bullying

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A few days ago a fan posted a tweet reaching out to a number of musicians, asking for their opinion and feelings towards bullying. Following the tweet, Ash Costello of New Years Day and Chris Fronzak of Attila responded to the fan and shared their own personal beliefs on the subject, as well as reflected on how bullying impacted them.

The fans tweet asked “How do you feel about bullies or bullying?” and was originally also directed towards many other influential musicians within the scene, including Black Veil Brides’ Andrew Biersack, Paramore’s Hayley Williams and 30 Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto, as well as well known mainstream artists like Katy Perry and Robbie Williams.

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Attila frontman Chris Fronzak aka Fronzilla first answered jokingly with the response of “PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE” before offering the advice to ignore them.

Fronzak continued to say “Or just ignore them. Bullies leave you alone if they see that what they do doesn’t affect you at all.”

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New Years Day front woman Ash Costello later responded to Fronzak by sharing her experience with bullying.

Constello responded “Bullies made me stronger, gave me character. Let it make you a powerhouse and learn from it, what kind of person you DON’T want to be.”

You can view each tweet below:




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