Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell’s Death Appears To Be “Possible Suicide”

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Earlier today, we reported that Soundgarden and Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell had reportedly passed away at age 52, according to his representative.

In a statement given to The Associated Press, Brian Bumbery stated that Cornell had passed away on Wednesday night in Detroit. Bumbery referred to the passing as “sudden and unexpected” and said Cornell’s wife and children were all shocked by the event.

The statement also said that Cornell’s family will be working closely with the medical examiner to determine the cause of his passing. They have also asked for privacy during this hard time.

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Back in 2012, Cornell talked in an interview with Mirror about his time in rehab – which was stated to be due to the bands disbandment in the 90s.

Soundgarden first disbanded back in 1997, and then reunited in 2010. After a long string of live shows and the success of their Telephantasm album, Soundgarden released King Animal, their first studio album in over 16 years.

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The disbanded period saw Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell go through some troubled times, including an unfortunate time in rehab.

“It’s something that would have happened even if Soundgarden had stayed together,” he admitted. “It was a long slow slide and then a long slow recovery, but there was self-discovery too.

“For me it was mostly alcohol – from my late teens until my late thirties.” he continued.

Chris added “near the end of Soundgarden I started to unravel a lot more than I had previously”, but he then went on to even greater success fronting the notable super group Audioslave, which included members of Rage Against The Machine.

“I came out of rehab,” Chris recalled, “and immediately went on tour with Audioslave, sold millions of records and was playing in front of crowds of 10,000 or 20,000.

“It’s not what most people go through. Most of the time, coming out of rehab people have a destroyed life, struggle to just work again and get a job. he said. “I sort of had an identity sitting there waiting to be embraced.

“I was very lucky I was able to see that and not take it for granted. It helped me climb out of the mire. I saw how hard it could be.”

Cornell was last seen on stage on May 4th at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia alongside Soundgarden bandmates doing what he loved to do most – perform.

Just hours after the original statement was released, Detroit-based news outlet WXYZ reported on Cornell’s death appearing to be a “possible suicide.”

WXYZ posted the following:

“Police say Cornell’s wife called a family friend and asked him to check on his well-being. The friend forced opened the door and found Cornell on the bathroom floor, according to police. We’re told Cornell was pronounced dead on the scene.”

Cornell’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed.


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