Every Time I Die Tease Tour With Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer

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Early yesterday morning Every Time I Die fans were pleased to check their Twitter feeds when they came across Every Time I Die Bassist Steve Micciche responded to Bar Rescue’s very own Jon Taffer’s tweet regarding a come back tour.

Steve Micciche responded to the TV host via Twitter, asking if Every Time I Die could potentially open for the Bar Rescue host on his upcoming tour. although what both the band and their fans didn’t see coming was the fact that Taffer himself is actually a huge Every Time I Die fan. Cool, huh?

In one of Taffer’s tweets, Taffer mentioned the bands famous 2007 album “The Big Dirty” and claimed it to be their “best album.” Following the confession, Every Time I Die Bassist Micciche made a fitting Bar Rescue pun, which had fans jumping at the chance to join in with the playful discussion.

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The band also joked about continuing to pester Taffer until he gave in and agreed to tour with the Buffalo outfit.

Taffer has yet to confirm or deny the proposition, but we could be seeing Every Time I Die featured in some new Bar Rescue episodes in no time!

View the series of tweets exchanged below:

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