Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley & Valentino Arteaga Open Up On Austin Carlile’s Departure; “There Would Never Be A Replacement”

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In a recent interview with Kilpop

, Aaron Pauley and Valentino Arteaga of Of Mice & Men spoke openly about finding out about Austin Carlile’s departure from Of Mice & Men, and how they dealt with the decision whether to continue on as a band or not.

When speaking in regards to Carlile’s decision to leave the band, Aaron Pauley stated that the band found out a few months prior to the public knowing; “For us, this is something that’s been… A few months before the public knew about it, we knew about it. But it’s just been awesome to be out playing shows again with our brothers. We’re down a guy, but at the same time, it’s awesome to see our fans kind of hugely supportive of everything.” (Transcribed by Blabbermouth

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“It’ something that we all kind of thought about. When that was happening, obviously, Austin’s health issues have been no secret to the public or anything like that, and we’ve always known, because being in a band is like being in a family. We’re a traveling circus also, and things are crazy all the time. Towards the end of that tour, it was, unfortunately, getting more difficult, and we all kind of had the talk together, because, of course, we had to talk together, and he kind of let us know what was going on. And, of course, we knew and we supported him, because that’s what we kind of have to do and because it’s for the best of his health. And so we didn’t necessarily know what we were gonna do, and we didn’t know if it would be right to…”

“There would never be a replacement, so we would never want there to be some sort of public thing of, like, this person filling in or whatever.” Arteaga said.

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“We needed to rise to the occasion because that’s what he would have wanted. He’s excited about the music. This is what he wanted us to do, and it’s what we’ve always wanted do and it’s what Of Mice & Men has always done. The best-laid plans of OF Mice & Men often go awry. You never get to dictate how your future is, but all you can do is just roll with the punches and kind of figure out what feels right in your heart and what feels right in what you wanna do. And that’s what Of Mice & Men has always been: in the face of adversity, rise up. Don’t be afraid; be unbreakable. That’s what the Of Mice & Men spirit is, and that’s what this band has been built on since day one.” Arteaga continued.

Following the release of “Unbreakable” – the first track featuring Aaron Pauley on vocals, Austin Carlile commended the band and praised Pauley, saying “People saying “Of Mice is back”… we never went anywhere!!! Great job on new song guys, taking it back to sounding like the kings of screamo & metalcore again!!! After 8 years of touring, 4 full albums, and over TWELVE members apart of this band up until this point so far… SO many people and hearts have made Of Mice what it is today… It has always been a group effort, it has always been about what everyone individually puts in or brings to the table to form the whole… @omandm isn’t just one or two people… It is many. It employs over 25 people, it gives jobs & health care to people that can’t afford it (like me for example.) It brings hope to people whom may have none with it’s lyrics that Shayley, Aaron, myself, and even Valentino have written over the years… It is you. It has always been about you, the fan, the listener. Because that’s exactly what we are ourselves, fans of music! That’s why they must continue on and I’m PROUD to see them continuing on strong, and especially proud to see @alanashby on the mic too”

View Unbreakable below:

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