Ronnie Radke Opens Up About New Album Coming Home; “The Song Is About My Daughter And Never Being Around”

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A few weeks back we saw Falling in Reverse release their much anticipated fourth album Coming Home via Epitaph Records. Coming Home is the follow-up to 2015’s Just Like You which debut at #6 on the Aria album chart  (also the highest chart debut in the world).

The title track to Coming Home might be the most important song on the album, as said by Ronnie Radke to

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During the interview, Radke spoke about the meaning behind “Coming Home” and what the track – and album mean to him personally.

The interview read;

“That track is like Jurassic Park,” jokes Radke.

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“It was years in the making – It took them a long time to produce that movie and it took me a really long time to write that song and get it right.” Radke continues.

“It would ultimately take him two and a half years to get the song recorded the way he heard it in his head. Every time he recorded the song it fell short of his expectations. “I never gave up on it. Usually, people give up on songs and move on but I just couldn’t move on for some reason.”

“Usually the producer is the problem because they don’t understand what I’m trying to do,” he says. But when he worked on it with his roommate and new co-writer, Tyler Smyth of the band Dangerkids, the song came together. Smyth is a student of all types of music, including pop, which finds it’s way into the core of “Coming Home.”

When asked about what the song itself is about, Radke replied;

“The song is about my daughter and [my] never being around,” Radke confesses.

Radke also suggested that Willow Grace Radke hasn’t seen her father as much as Radke would like. Radke also later suggested that his job, and other untold circumstances that play into his day to day life can make spending time with the three and a half-year-old difficult.

View Coming Home below.

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