Bring Me The Horizon Discuss Details About New Non-Heavy Album

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Bring Me The Horizon caught up with Daniel P. Carter, the host of the popular radio show BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, and discussed details about their new time and unarguable successes in the US, along with more about what their new album will have in store for fans.

“I don’t think any of us know. There are a few things I know it won’t be. It’s not going to be a pop record… I don’t think we’d ever do a straight, boring pop record,” Jordan Fish explains in an interview with BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.

“It’s not going to be a super, super heavy record either.” He continues.

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When explaining the sound of Bring Me The Horizon’s new album, Fish explains that they’ll connect with their roots in new and different ways with their new music than what they did in the past.

“We’ll probably take bits from what we did on Sempiternal, bits from what we did on That’s The Spirit and take it off in a different direction,” Fish says during the interview. “As long as it’s interesting and exciting, that’s all I really care about.”

Fish goes on to explain that they know there are people who want them to return to their heavier sound that Bring Me The Horizon was built on, but states that they simply aren’t focused on “genre” per say, and that they just want to write something good to them.

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“I understand there’s probably a load of people who want us to be super heavy, and a load of people who only like the last album, who don’t like the heavier stuff,” Fish says.

“That’s just the nature of a band that’s changed styles so much across the course of their career. For us, I just want to write something good. Where it sits genre-wise is something someone else can worry about.”

Lee Malia and frontman Oli Sykes both spoke about the time it’s taken for them to break into the American market while they’re so big in the UK. “It’s a lot harder to break into radio in America,” Says Malia.

“There’s a whole other audience over here just listening to radio that don’t know your band even exists. In England… if you’re on the radio everyone hears it and kinda knows what’s going on but over here in America the radio rock scene is huge. If you break into that then you get a whole new audience that never knew about you,” He continues.

You can listen to the full interview HERE.

Bring Me The Horizon developed a new heavier sound, shocked their fanbase, and admittedly largely grew it back during the release of Sempiternal in 2013, and then once again in 2015 with the unexpected change in sound during the release of Thats The Spirit.

Bands can often be subjected to harsh criticism for altering their sound too much – as seen with the last self-tlted Suicide Silence album which hit a new low of 4,700 units in first week sales, compared to their past release which had over 15,000.

Can Bring Me The Horizon do it a third time?

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