All Time Low Get Cryptic In Live Stream; Potentially Tease New Song “Life Of The Party”

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Just a few days ago we reported on Fall Out Boy having posted a collection of cryptic tweets

, asking fans to silence their phones and provided fans with a list of addresses, all of which lead to various movie theaters.

One Twitter fan in particular decided to follow the bands cryptic clues and found herself in one of the theaters, which provided her with a hidden surprise at the end of a movie.

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When going to watch a movie at one of the selected theaters (which the address lead her to), Fall Out Boy fan and Twitter follower Ash came across a sign at the end of a Mania beach Resorts commercial that said “Fall Out Boy” with “4.28.17” beside it. The commercial also featured the purple wave image that had been spread across Fall Out Boy social media the past few days.

Fall Out Boy’s official Twitter account also tweeted out a gif of a purple wave, along with changing their Twitter banner and profile picture to match.

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Following Fall Out Boy’s teasers, Pvris also began to create speculation by blacking out the bands entire social media accounts and sending fans random cryptic letters in the mail.

Now, just days after Pvris’ and Fall Out Boy’s tease’s, All Time Low are up to something – and it’s definitely something big.

All Time Low first began to create speculation with a creepy live stream they held which can be viewed below:

The eery live steam audio sounds awfully similar to the music played at the end of the Last Young Renegade video and shares the same color scheme as its previous releases. See for yourself by going to 04:21 of the video below:

Aside from this, in the past iTunes has always pre-time stamped whichever track is next to be released, usually within’ days of it being available to the public. If that’s anything to go off, fans may be able to expect “Life Of The Party” as the next All Time Low track released off their upcoming album “Last Young Renegade” out this June 2nd via Fuelled By Ramen.

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