WATCH: Oli Sykes Of Bring Me The Horizon Performs Alongside While She Sleeps

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English Metalcore powerhouse group While She Sleeps have bought their anticipated music video for “Silence Speaks” alive for their fans this weekend as they welcomed their new guest vocalist Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon to the stage to perform alongside the band.

Check out the absolutely incredible footage of Sykes performing with While She Sleeps below:

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While She Sleeps shockingly released their third album, You Are We, on April 21 on their own, and without the support of a label. The choice had weary fans speculating trouble within the band.

“After 10 years of dealing with the ups and downs of the music industry we have decided to continue our journey independently and self release our third full length album, available now for pre-order on PledgeMusic,” the band wrote via PledgeMusic.”All money raised goes directly towards funding the the new album, artwork, music videos, touring and everything that keeps our band alive.” They continued.

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The band’s recording studio environment where they recorded the album was also converted by the band themselves from an old warehouse in the middle of Sheffield, England. “[We] spent like a year building it,” says Mat Welsh.

“Now we have a fully working studio, and it’s kind of a nice feeling to be recording an album where we’re not just making the music, we actually built the rooms that we’re making the music in. It casts a very positive shadow on everything that we’re doing.”

Oli Sykes is also featured on the album You Are We on the popular and fan favorite track, “Silence Speaks,” and has also tweeted highly about the band in the past.

“So stoked to be a small part of what is going to be @whileshesleeps biggest album no question. If you haven’t yet go pre order it now!” Said Sikes.

“The whole album is a f*cking banger too, all killer no filler – get on it,” Sikes noted on another Twitter post.


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