Ash Costello Of New Years Day Files Lawsuit Against Iron Fist Clothing

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The powerful New Years Day front woman Ash Costello launched her collaboration with the well-known and popular Iron Fist Clothing brand to create her own unique twist on fashion – Bat Royalty. However, since the clothing brands official launch in late 2015, Costello has said that “it became a nightmare.”

As reported by Altpress, Costello filed a lawsuit earlier today against Iron Fist Clothing citing 14 offences in total, and alleging that Iron Fist took Costello’s designs that she had originally pitched (which were at the time rejected) and later used them for other lines, has paid Costello only a small portion of her owed Bat Royalty sales, advertised personal appearances and events Costello was never informed about and removed the Bat Royalty logo from Bat Royalty designs, and sold them as other Iron Fist branded products.

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“In 2014, Costello began working with defendants Iron Fist to produce the Bat Royalty brand,” the complaint reads. “After a short honeymoon phase with the Defendants, Costello’s requests for accountings in connection with the Brand were repeatedly ignored, her designs were routinely stolen for Iron Fist’s other apparel and accessory lines, and Costello’s name and likeness were regularly either improperly exploited or improperly excluded from Brand marketing materials.”

“I’m upset that my first clothing line was so successful on the outside and so embraced by my fans, while I was being robbed of my ideas, my money and, most importantly, of respect behind the scenes,” Costello said in a statement to Alternative Press.


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“I’m even more upset that my fans, who I love and who mean so much to me, and I were nothing but a payday and people to exploit to Iron Fist.”


Iron Fist allegedly also advertised Bat Royalty items alongside non-Bat Royalty merchandise, which as a result created confusion and causing fans to buy Iron Fist’s other products as opposed to Costello’s, according to Costello.

“Not long into their business relationship, Iron Fist began advertising products from its bat-themed Night Walker line alongside [Bat Royalty] products without distinguishing between the two. This led to actual confusion among Costello’s highly loyal fan base, who frequently purchased the Night Walker items believing them to be from Costello’s brand, Bat Royalty,” the complaint states.

“In addition, on numerous occasions, Iron Fist would sell various non-Brand products to retail and market those non-Brand items as Bat Royalty using Costello’s name. She was never compensated for these sales or for this use of her name, the [Bat Royalty] name, or her likeness. Unfortunately, Costello’s fans were being intentionally misled by Iron Fist and were induced into purchasing products that Costello had nothing to do with and received no benefit from.”

Costello has also noted that many of the Night Walker or other Iron Fist designs that were largely loved within’ the brand were actually ideas that she had pitched to Iron Fist as Bat Royalty products, which Iron Fist had rejected at the time.


Costello also stated that Iron Fist failed to provide her with accurate financial information regarding the Bat Royalty brand and it’s financial state. The complaint says that statements she received excluded foreign sales and omitted some products (including some varieties of the “Bat Wing Boot,” which the document says is one of the most successful Bat Royalty products) and retail outlets entirely.

“The situation became so impossible that Costello was forced to go to individual retail outlets directly to learn how well Bat Royalty products were selling,” the document states.

“The facts presented in our complaint speak for themselves,” says Costello’s lawyer, Katrina Bleckley. “This is just another instance of a company taking advantage of a brilliant artist for their own gain. It’s unfortunate that it has come to litigation, but Ash and her team are prepared to fight for her rights, her fans and her brand.”

Costello has allegedly also attempted to resolve the issues stated for weeks with little effort on behalf of Iron Fist.

“Iron Fist replied with further broken promises and then a settlement offer that required Costello to remain in this abusive relationship, promote Iron Fist’s products and cede at least half of the brand she conceived, built and was guaranteed continued ownership of in the License,” the complaint reads. “Defendant’s lack of willingness to approach the settlement table with an semblance of fairness led to the filing of this complaint.”

Iron Fist Clothing has since denied the allegations.

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