WATCH: From First To Last Frontman Sonny Moore (Skrillex) Detained In Hollywood

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It seems like From First To Last front man Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) was pulled over sometime yesterday evening in Hollywood for playing music too loud from his car, an offence that all of us can probably relate to in some type of way.

Along with this, Moore was also handcuffed and detained for not having the appropriate identification with him – but don’t worry, he was shortly released after.

Moore then posted to Twitter regarding the incident once a Snapchat video taken from a fan began to surface.

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Moore wrote, “Leave it to me to play music “too loud” ..these new demos are [fire] tho”

“Just to be clear, I got pulled over for playing my music too loud… but handcuffed because I didn’t have my ID on me”

Twitter user Colby Lila Kline posted the video to Twitter, alongside the caption “Never a dull night in Hollywood” with the hashtags #dubdaddy and #freeskrillex

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You can view the full video below:

Fans were also quick to come to the frontman and dubstep legends’ aid, tweeting messages of support to the artist and jumping on the hashtag hype train.

Although many fans responded to the tweet defending Moore and showing messages of support, a select few determined that arguing about whether his Tesla had suicide doors or not was more important. Millennials, huh?

Another batch of fans speculated that the video was in fact fake, stating “this is fake” and “I was gonna say, I’ve sent my parents so many vids like this [that] i’d hope it’s a troll.”

Just over a month ago, fans caught From First To Last announcing Moore as their new front man when the band began changing their Facebook pages profile picture to a new photo – one of which includes Sonny Moore. Additionally, they also altered other social media platforms and their social media bios to include his contact handles.

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