The Ghost Inside Post New Update To Social Media

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The Ghost Inside

have been through it all since being involved in a fatal bus crash over a year ago. The incident resulted in the loss of the bus drivers lives, and the band members being left in stable condition. Throughout the last year and a half, the members have received multiple surgeries and remained positive throughout the process.

Just earlier this month, guitarist Zach Johnson put up an Instagram post, updating fans after his surgery to let them know how it went.

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Johnson wrote, “Surgery¬†#12¬†is done. Not gonna lie, this one hurt like a bitch, but I hope it’s the last. Took out the metal rod in my femur, the screws in my knee. Drilled out some bone from my right tibia, used a new incision in the middle of my leg to fuse that bone where my break was. New metal rod through the femur, metal plate over the fusion, new/bigger screws in my knee and hip. Hoping my hospital stay won’t be too long! Thanks for all the well wishes.”


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Following the Instagram post, The Ghost Inside posted a new social media update via their official Facebook page earlier today.

The post read, “You guys haven’t forgotten about us, have you? We don’t have a time when we’re gonna be able to play again, but we all still think about it every day. We miss it and we miss you guys. Looking for the light at the end of this long tunnel.”

The post shortly grasped the attention of The Ghost Inside fans from all around the world, showing their support to the band and reassuring them that they’re with them throughout their entire recovery journey.

View the Facebook post below:

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