Paramore’s Hayley Williams Unveiled Her Own Hairdye Brand Gooddyeyoung; Enlists Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun

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Paramore’s Hayley Williams is definitely no hair-dye rookie, but with the launch of the front womans own hair-dye brand goodDYEyoung awhile back, Williams has now enlisted the help of a fellow colourful hair-dye enthusiast, Twenty One Pilots’ own Joshua Dun.

Williams officially made Dun the latest goodDYEyoung ambassador earlier today, and Dun celebrated by releasing his own video commemorating the announcement.

Dun says the collaboration “made so much sense” and later went on to express that he feels “honored, especially coming from Hayley believing in her vision, and how hard she works too.” Dun continued to speak highly of the new hair dye brand, jokingly saying that he almost felt “forced to talk about it because of how good it is.”

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Dun also briefly touched base on the positive culture of hair dye in recent years, stating that “culture of hair dye is growing and becoming more accepted” and also noted that he feels a special “unity” with his fan base around the world who participate on the colourful lifestyle choice.

“[it’s] super cool to share that connection [with fans],” Dun says.

GoodDYEyoung refer to themselves as “a voice for anyone whose rebel spirit stands out, but might not always fit in.”

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“GoodDYEyoung represents a youthful community bonded by self-expression, limitless inspiration and a flair for bold colors. Differentiated not just by the special ingredients in it’s products, but by its message of self-love through self-expression, the purpose of GDY is to create an all-inclusive counter culture that inspires more creativity, more community, and most of all, more color.”

“GDY introduces bold, vibrant DIY hair dyes that stand apart, transcending ordinary pigmentation with vibrant, mixable colors to celebrate style, spirit and strength.”

GoodDYEyoung is a vegan and cruelty free cream formula for hair of all types.

With an ambassador like Josh Dun, a positive message, and a vibrant product that delivers everything it promises, who could say no? You can purchase the hair dye HERE.

View Josh Dun’s video about GoodDYEyoung below:


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