Danny Worsnop Of Asking Alexandria Responds To Allegations Made By Disappointed Fan

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Just a few days ago screenshots surfaced on Twitter from a disappointed Asking Alexandria fan, telling followers that Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria ignored her requests for a hug at a signing and told her that “he has no time for such sh*t.”

See the Twitter post below:


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The fans post stated that Worsnop also left a crying girl [fan] during the signing and “gave a sign to the others that they [were] leaving.”

The fan also claimed that fellow Asking Alexandria member, Ben Bruce apologized for Worsnops behaviour at the signing. However, Bruce hasn’t yet made any comment on the allegations.

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Following the post, frontman Danny Worsnop fired back via his Twitter account.

Worsnop tweeted, “My apologies, but your friend misheard. I said “sorry, I don’t have time right now” as I had a meeting. I also shook her hand, not pushed. ”

“Furthermore, I wasn’t supposed to be at that signing at all, but went anyway to make sure people got their posters signed.”

Wornsop continued, “I wasn’t trying to start a war there, just correcting misinformation. The apology for being misheard/misunderstood is a genuine one.”

“Imagine if there were no signings or socials… People would have to appreciate the art without my personal life dictating if they like it.”

“In fairness, & to avoid future confusion, I don’t hug. Hence handshake as I went to my meeting from the signing I wasn’t supposed to be at.”

“I have a solution to this whole thing. I’m drawing a line in the sand between my art and personal life.”

“Socials are now for career only, I will hold Album/Print signings & acoustics. I’m taking my life back, thank you for enjoying what I create.”

View all the tweets from Worsnop below:


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