“The Rock” And Dale Earnhardt Jr. Love Our Scene!

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This title may throw you off but it is completely true! More and more celebrities we all know have been coming out to show their love for some bands in our scene that you may not think they would like. Even recently, Forest Whitaker showed up to a Bring Me The Horizon stop in Atlanta and New Kids On The Block showed up to a Periphery show! So it is even more shocking still to see big names come out and support these bands. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson happened in 2016 though just recently started getting noticed and Dale Earnhardt Jr., the most popular NASCAR driver, quietly slipped his playlist via Twitter early this year shocking fans of both worlds.

It began with a tweet from Aaron Pauly of Of Mice & Men simply telling him, probably assuming it’ll fall on deaf ears, that he is stoked for the new Jumanji movie coming out. He then got a reply telling him he appreciated it and that him and the band need to keep on ‘kicking @$$’. That sent the twitterverse into chaos with fans of both freaking out that their favorite actor and band both support each other! It would quite the treat for the band and actor to link up in the future and do a music video together, preferably with The Rock slamming someone onto the ground.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a even more special case for this due to his world. The NASCAR superstar has been voted the most popular driver in the sport for almost a decade year after year, with a majority of his fans from the southern USA where he and his dad grew up and got their start. With that being said, mainly country music fans or classic rock fans are the types who usually back him, but this past January he posted a shocking tweet! He is actually fans of The Wonder Years, The Dangerous Summer, Go Radio, and some others. This sent off a storm of tweets from The Wonder Years frontman Dan aka Soupy inviting the superstar to a show sometime. Some other bands around the scene and fans began tweeting him different songs to check out as well.

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