New Kids On The Block Watch Periphery play in Chicago

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New Kids On The Block are fans of Periphery? Well Apparently Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB is! Donnie Wahlberg was sighted and tweeted about his attendance to Periphery’s show in Chicago, IL lastnight (Sunday – April 9th) at their House of Blues gig. Donnie Wahlberg is known for being a member of boy band, New Kids On The Block, however he is also a brother to the very well known actor Mark Wahlberg and is currently the husband to Jenny McCarthy. Check out what Wahlberg had to say about the show below. Metal Injection

 got to chat with Periphery and they were told that Wahlberg’s people even contacted Periphery. As Wahlberg’s son Elijah is a huge fan of the band’s progressive metal sound. In Metal Injection’s interview Mark also mentioned “that Donnie was a total class act, and Wahlberg’s son plays Periphery in the car constantly and that he dug Juggernaut.” Hmm.. What is the most surprising special guest you have seen at a metal show?


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