Five Finger Death Punch suing Prospect Park Records saying “5FDP is probably the only profitable band on the roster”

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Five Finger Death Punch have filed a lawsuit against Prospect Park Records, the label that’s released the majority of the bands albums. As mentioned in

, Five Finger Death Punch is suing Prospect Park Records in an effort to be released from their recording contract with the company; Five Finger Death Punch are also seeking a million dollars in damages from the label. Five Finger Death Punch claim that they are being held hostage by Prospect Park, Calling it a “Sinking Ship” of a Record Label. The band mentioned that they are the only profitable aspect of the Prospect Park Record Label in a statement to TMZ. Saying that “5FDP is probably the only profitable band on the roster.” The band also accused Prospect Park of a bogus lawsuit last year to keep the band recording new music, while they shopped the label. Prospect Park Records have previously filed a lawsuit against the band, alleging that they were delivering subpar material to get out of said contract. The band has also stated to TMZ that “PP is drowning in debt and is more like “Prospect Dark” these days.”

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As previously reported, Five Finger Death Punch has signed a new record deal with Rise Records. Rise is/was expected to release their next studio album, which will be the band’s seventh album. However, Five Finger Death Punch has apparently remained under contract with Prospect Park Records and are still expected and required to deliver that album to them unless the lawsuit is in the bands favor to get them out of the deal with Prospect Park. Prospect Park has released the last five full-length records by Five Finger, beginning with 2009’s War Is The Answer and including the band’s most recent and super successful album release of, Got Your Six.

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