Competitive Eater Consumes 255 Marshmallow Peeps In Only Five Minutes

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Love them or hate them, sticky sweet and brightly colored marshmallow Peeps are an Easter-time staple that is here to stay. It is hard for us to stomach more than two or three of these adorable little treats in one sitting, so could you imagine trying to consume 255 of them all at once? Yuck!

Well, competitive eater Matt Stonie has completed that very feat and managed to choke down 255 marshmallow peeps in a time span of only five minutes. Stonie just so happens to be the world’s No. 2 ranked competitive eater and by winning this competition he broke his own record when he managed to consumer 200 Peeps in five minutes last year.

Stonie competed in the National Harbor World Peeps Eating Championship

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which is held in Maryland around this time of year. For his big win, Stonie was awarded $1,750 and a trophy filled with, you guessed it! Peeps! (Although we are pretty sure he has already had his fill!)

You can watch a video of the intense competition below:

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We didn’t even know this type of competition was a thing, but all of the competitors appear to be taking it pretty darn seriously! Stonie’s closest competitor only managed to eat 160 Peeps so really Stonie won by a landslide!

For those that didn’t have the stomach to eat that many Peeps there were also other Peep-related activities such as Peeps diorama competition and a Dance Like A Peep contest (we have to admit to being just a little curious as to what that looked like)!