Black Sabbath to release documentary, possible live album of final show

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After almost 50 years of making music, Black Sabbath retired earlier this year, ending where everything began – in their hometown of Birmingham, England. If one compiles a list of the most important metal bands to shape the history of the genre, you really can’t argue that Black Sabbath is at the top of that heap – their 1970 debut self-titled album was a milestone in metal, becoming arguably the first example of the genre. And if you’re making a list of the 10 or so most influential metal albums of all time, no list is complete without at least one of Master Of Reality, the self-titled, Paranoid, or possibly even Vol. 4 rank as some of the best albums heavy metal has to offer. Despite a multitude of vocalists and constant members changes starting with 1980’s Heaven And Hell (featuring some guy named Ronnie James Dio as the vocalist) and varying degress in the quality of Black Sabbath’s music, the band still soldiered on, culminating in a 1997 reunion with all but Bill Ward rejoining the band, and also helping launch the very popular Ozzfest. In short – Black Sabbath is etched in history as one of music’s most influential bands.

That legacy is now coming full circle. Apparently, according to guitarist Tony Iommi in a recent interview

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w/NBC News, Tony Iommi mentioned that “We’ll actually be doing a documentary,” he said. “My job at the moment is to have a listen to what we’ve done.“, in response to a question about whether Tony would be making music or not.

Regardless of what the future holds for Tony Iommi as a musician (he overcame lymphoma recently, which proves how much of a champion he really is), he’s still doing cool things, like recording “How Good It Is”, a 5 minute song recorded with the Birmingham Cathedral. You can find that below, as well.

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