Australian City Of Perth May Lose Touring Bands; Ticket Sales At A New Low

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The Australian music scene has taken yet another blow this week with Unified’s big honcho Luke Logemann taking to Twitter to express news most of us saw coming for years.

Perth, Australia has always been overlooked by bands not only within’ Australia, but also those touring the country due to it’s lack of ticket sales and the high cost of flights, accomodation, etc in order to tour the city.

Logemann, Unified’s Head of Touring and Recorded Music recently posted to his Twitter to express his frustrations on the current music scene state in Perth, saying “I’m almost at the point where I can’t justify sending any bands to Western Australia anymore. It’s somehow gotten even worse recently.”

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Soundwave Festival’s AJ Maddah joined in on the discussion, stating “It’s crushing because the few fans who bother are so passionate, but as we know, it can cripple the whole tour for band as well as promoter.”

Logemann soon replied to AJ Maddah, saying “Absolutely. You never want to punish the ticket buyers there, but when Perth does 15-20% of the tickets Syd/Melb do, it’s insane.”

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Soundwave Festival officially came to an end when being cancelled Australia wide in 2016. However, the festival was pulled from Perth two years prior to it’s official cancellation due to financial instability.

For those who don’t know, Logemann is most known for managing Australian heavyweights Deez Nuts, In Hearts Wake and Northlane, as well as being the promoter of Unify Gathering.

Both events truely display how much “supporting the scene” can really alter the future events that may or may not go ahead. No matter where you’re located in the world, this is an outcome that’s very possible to occur in any city, at any time.



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