I *Love* This Town: Bands Who Put Their Town On The Map

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Throughout the world, we have household cities such as New York, London, Sydney, Los Angeles, Berlin, etc. We also have small towns no one has ever heard of but have given us some of the best bands in our scene. Sure, your tiny town may be washed up and no one gives a f*ck, but you certainly want to get out and make something of your music and bring fame to it. So here are some bands who put their towns on the map!


A Day To Remember (Ocala,FL)- Ocala, Fl has been the most recent small town to be widely known. The band  hails from this little corner of Florida in which they refer to a ton in their songs. Recently, the band has gotten the keys to the city given by the mayor himself!

August Burns Red (Lancaster, PA)- More known for Amish country than metal, the band hails from the rural area making them one of the few to break out big time. The band has mentioned before about having a hard time to play metal shows there when they were growing up. Though the band started there, frontman Jake Luhrs hails from Columbia, Sc.
Silverstein (Burlington, Ontario)- Ontario is massively known province in Canada, but the city of Burlington may not be. The band found success via Victory Records after traveling to other areas such as Toronto to play shows. I mean who ever talks about going to Burlington for vacation?

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Knocked Loose (Oldham County, KY)- Certainly a newer band on this list, but no doubt from the middle of nowhere! The hardcore band began touring around the east coast of the USA after forming and won the hearts of fans and the guys at Pure Noise Records. They are on Warped Tour this summer and right now there is no stopping this power house! I’d say Oldham County would be proud of these dudes!


Good Charlotte (Waldorf, MD)- This area of the country outside the big markets isn’t much known for putting out larger than life rock bands. Good Charlotte broke out into mainstream stars with the Madden brothers working with some big names in music.
My Chemical Romance (Summit, NJ)- When making this list, I honestly did not know where this band was from. I was shocked to see how small Summit, NJ really is with the size and legend around My Chemical Romance. This worldwide phenom of a band must have some happy citizens back in their hometown for sure!

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Emery (Rock Hill, SC)- One of the staples in the Tooth & Nail Records discography from the mid 00s. The band did not have anywhere to play nor was this part of South Carolina known for it’s heavy bands so the band packed up and moved to Seattle where they got signed. Personally going to an Emery show in nearby Greenville, SC a few years ago, frontman Toby Morell pointed out his old high school chorus teacher was in attendance. Gotta love the south!
Paramore (Franklin, TN)- The popular rock band Paramore got their start playing truck beds at Warped Tour. The sleepy town is where they call home and with them breaking out, I’m sure the folks there are very proud of what they have accomplished.
Neck Deep (Wrexham, Wales, UK)- A tiny tiny town in Wales is where the Pop-Punk stars call home. They broke away from there in 2014 after “Wishful Thinking” was released. The band became very popular across the USA and 2015’s “Life’s Not Out To Get You” sealed their spot as a household name. Not bad for some dudes from across the pond in a town of 61,000.
Pvris (Lowell, MA)- This band continues to see their star rise with a tour this summer with Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars. The band started off as a rock act before making the switch to electronic/pop rock upon signing to Rise Records. The band from the small town of Lowell has quickly ascended and will continue to to greater heights.

Breaking Benjamin (Wilkes-Barre, PA)- This band needs no introduction for sure. This larger than life band would have you assuming that they came from a big city. Nope, just a small town in Pa. Who knew back then when these guys were doing music to start that they would become rock stars?

Halestorm (Red Lion, PA)- Another Pa band! Something is in the water up there! But I guess the lesson is if you’re in a small rural town with nothing to do, start a band and get big!

The Used (Orem, UT)- Much like Lancaster for August Burns Red was known for Amish, this state is more so known for the people of the Mormon faith. This band being no religious, puts them in a unique place as being a household name from a tiny town in a super religious part of the USA. Here’s to hoping people there are indeed proud of the band and what they have done!

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