Woman Allegedly Chokes Teen For Blocking Disney Fireworks View

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There was allegedly quite the throw down at Disney’s Magic Kingdom when a 41-year old decided to choke a teen girl who was blocking her view of theme parks massive fireworks extravaganza.

We can’t even help but giggle just a little bit given the woman’s last name. It seems that 41-year old Tabatha Kaye Mature (Seriously! That’s her last name) was visiting Disney World from New Baltimore, Michigan when she became enraged that a teen girl and her group of friends from her high school refused to sit down during the theme parks nightly fireworks display.

Mature and her family were harassing the group of teens and then according to the police report Mature became aggravated and the group of teens decided to leave the fireworks show. As they were leaving the teen told Mature “You can take our spot”.

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This caused Mature to fly even further off the handle and as the group was walking away Mature attacked the teen wrapping both her hands around her neck and began to squeeze. Authorities became involved and Mature was arrested and is facing felony child abuse charges.

Mature released her choke hold when the girl started screaming, however she did make sure to add the threat “You don’t want to mess with me!” The teen ended up having no visible injuries, however after speaking with her mother in regards to the incident she decided to press charges.

Looks like someones visit to the “Most Magical Place On Earth” was not so magical, however if the would have acted a little more “Mature” things could have ended up a whole lot happier!

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