Jeffree Star: From Warped Tour To Mogul

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It is no secret that there have been many people to break out of the alternative scene and become household names. It is rare though for it to happen and the person becomes famous for something other than music, let alone become a leader in that new area. For Jeffree Star, his star rose from the ashes of a music career into a beauty empire. At this rate, there is no signs of slowing down or lost momentum as he continues to climb into stardom.

If one was to look up the name Jeffree Star, they would find links to his business, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, over pretty much anything else he has done. Just a mere few years ago though, he was touring and playing Warped Tour shows. Starting off, he quickly capitalized on then social media giant, MySpace. He would post photos of his makeup and outfits gaining a massive number of ‘friends’ on his page and attention. Star then wanted to get into music and convinced the site to switch it over from a personal account to a music page amassing over 25 million plays on just self released music. The Plastic Surgery Slumber Party EP and Cupcakes Taste Like Violence EP were both released independently in 2007 and 2008 with his first and only full length Beauty Killer being out via Popsicle Records in 2009. The record hit the Billboard 200 at #122 while hitting #2 on the Heat Seekers chart and three songs featured some massive names. “Louis Vuitton Body Bag” features Matt Skiba of Blink-182, “Lollipop Luxury” features Hip-Hop star Niki Minaj, and “Fame & Riches, Rehab B*tches” features Breathe Carolina.

After music, Star began to experiment with different formulas to create his products which are now sold through his company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Through this, Star has risen to almost mogul status selling out of products world wide. He also travels around to expos and events showing off his newest products and even has a warehouse which ships everything out to customers. For a bit, he and famed tattoo artist Kat Von D had a bit of a feud last year in which she accused Star of bullying and racism, which he responded with a video denying everything and stating exactly what he was doing during the time said accusations happened. Nothing yet has come up since between the two, but very unlikely they are bff’s again. Star is also very engaging with his fans which sets him apart from other high profile designers. His twitter is filled with mentions and retweets to fans purchasing his products in which he relays to his 915,000 followers how grateful he is for them and their support.

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Not only is he known for his makeup lines and beauty products, but he is also very outspoken about bullying and a huge supporter of the LGBT community. He has made videos on social media in the past about being yourself and loving who you are and don’t care what others think. He also can be seen on Youtube making various videos with his boyfriend and addressing some of these issues with him to his viewers.


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