Watch: August Burns Red’s Jake Luhrs in the studio recording album number 7

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There are many things you can count on every two years – a new Super Bowl Champion being crowned, new children populating the Earth, and of course, a new August Burns Red album. Since 2005’s debut album Thrill Seeker, the band has been steadily gaining traction as a solid, well-executed metalcore band that rarely makes a misstep, adeptly combining melody with brutality, and refusing to be stagnant like so many of their peers have done. It’s the testament to the consistency of August Burns Red that they haven’t truly made a bad or even average record yet – while perhaps their debut album and maybe Leveler were a bit disappointing for fans, the latter showed brave attempts at thinking “outside the box” on songs like “Internal Cannon” were at least interesting enough.

This all culminated in what might be the band’s best record so far in 2015’s Found In Far Away Places, which saw the band feature A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon on the song “Ghosts”, while “Majoring In The Minors” and especially “Vanguard” rank of some of ABR’s most interesting material to date. And given that it’s 2017, the time is right for a new album to be released – and if the video on Instagram that Jake posted is any indication, the new material they’re tracking is sounding pretty good so far.

While one doesn’t quite know what August Burns Red will put out next, the foundation of the band is strong – even on their most experimental material, they never totally deviate from their proven formula. That might be a slight disappointment for fans who are looking for something groundbreaking, but the good news is that there’s something to be said for consistently making good albums, and August Burns Red clearly has that on lockdown.

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This album is coming along, and I’m loving every thing about it!

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