I Prevail’s Brian Burkheiser Opens Up To Heart Support

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Brian Burkheiser of Fearless Records band I Prevail stopped by to chat with Heart Support recently about his path in life, following his dream of playing music, and reaching out to other people when you’re struggling. People seem to forget that people such as Brian are humans who have feelings and struggle in which they really do take on a burden being in the spotlight.

For those who don’t know, Heart Support was started by August Burns Red frontman Jake Luhrs. According to their website,  they exist to love people, treat them kindly, heal the broken, bless those that would hate or even harm us, share generously, be honest about our flaws and failures, and care for the hurting, marginalized and oppressed. The reason why we choose these core beliefs comes from the fact that we base our organization on the life of Christ and how he chose to love others.

Though a faith is attached to the organization, they by no means force or shove that side onto anyone and help people of all faiths, orientations, and genders. Another part reads At HeartSupport, we recognize instead that we are broken just as much as someone who is not a Christian, and can often times be more hypocritical. Our understanding of Christ’s mission is that we are to “Love God, and love our neighbor.” If we truly love God, then we will love our neighbor as ourselves and understand that God loves us deeply in spite of being a mess. This is why we are all welcome, regardless of what they believe or don’t, who they love, what their past is, or what their life might look like. All of us need support, love, and grace.

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 Over the years, musicians have teamed up with the organization to tell their stories and experiences so that others can grow. When Burkheiser stopped by, he mentioned:

” I remember being in high school not knowing what I was going to do, seeing friends in bands taking off” he begins. “Is there really a reason I’m meant to be here, I got pretty down about and told myself it was worth a go”

“I had alot of struggles early on in high school, I actually didn’t play music in high school and now I do, people were telling me there was not much there that could happen,” he goes on referring about I Prevail starting when he was 21 out of high school. He goes into how fans have been impacted by the things he has written about dealing with these issues:

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 “People react to your music differently, Eric and I actually broke down one night because we went through 4 or 5 messages saying they were down in a dark place and Crossroads actually touches on suicide awareness.”

He brings up the topic of unity that music has and how it can impact anyone in the world:

“Getting messages from Australia, England, people all over the world have similar issues that we deal with. No matter if you’re in a band or a 6th grader in school we all have issues and to be able to push through them is a big thing”

“I think patience is key and if you keep grinding you kep pushing through and keeping positive you’ll find something that clicks with you and I remember being young going I’m the only one who feels this way and you are not the only one”

“The one thing I wish I had done when I was younger was talk about it more and if anyone had a problem with it then thats on them because then you’ll be able to go forward in life and make a positive impact on people”

You can watch the full video below and make sure you go give Heart Support a ‘like’ and show them some love. They are truly a light of hope for tons of kids in this scene dealing with serious things in which music is there only escape.

Perseverence & Finding Your Path In Life — Brian Burkheiser f…

Brian from I Prevail talks about being unsure about his path in life, following his dream of playing music, and reaching out to other people when you're struggling.

Posted by heartsupport on Thursday, April 6, 2017

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