Philippine Medical Clinic Uses Image Of Wolverine To Market Circumcisions!

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Eek! A medical clinic in the Philippines is using an image of the infamous “X-Men” character Wolverine as a marketing tool to sell circumcision services. Something tells us the advertising department didn’t really think this one through or better yet, maybe they did and someone just happens to have a completely sick and twisted sense of humor.

Something about adamantium-claws and circumcisions just don’t seem to go hand in hand!  Thinking about Wolverine as you go in for a circumcision procedure probably wouldn’t be the best idea either. The ad  for Dionisio M. Cornel Memorial Medical Center in Antipolo shows actor Hugh Jackman dressed as the Wolverine character he has portrayed in both the “X-Men” and “Wolverine” film franchises. The text featured next to the image explains the clinics circumcision services.

The text translates out to read: “Cheap, doctor, hospital… this is where you get painless circumcision!” Really?  Painless! The image of a claws-out Wolverine character doesn’t really equal out to painless at least in our opinion, but hey, to each their own. The cost the clinics circumcision procedure will only set you back about $28, however we are fairly certain, at least we hope that a Wolverine-type character is not actually conducting this procedures! But for that low of a price you really can’t be too sure! Needless to say we will not be paying that particular clinic a visit anytime soon, definitely not for a circumcision or any other procedure as well for that matter!

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