Confide’s Shout The Truth, A Metalcore Masterpiece

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Over the years many bands cone and go and it is rare that some leave a major impact. Some of these leave one right away but then some it takes a bit of time to appreciate what they did. One of these bands is Confide and their record Shout The Truth certainly made its mark as well as the band.

Confide was originally started in August 2004 by Aaron Van Zutphen, Jason Pickard and Josh Plesh as a deathcore act before becoming the metalcore band that many of us remember. After the original vocalist left, UK import Ross Kenyon took over on vocal duties. Now when one goes to look up this album you will find two versions of it which are pre Tragic Hero Records and then one after. The one after Tragic Hero featured Joel Piper on drums who many became to know as the clean singer however, the record pre Joel is the one focused on. Another interesting thing to note about this album, is would be Avenged Sevenfold to Islander drummer Arin Ilejay was the drummer. He left in 2009 again, before the band signed to Tragic Hero Records.

The original album was released on June 17th 2008 to a then subsidiary to Warner Bros. label Science Records. What made this amazing is that during this era things seemed to be getting very formulated into what we now have today and it had this raw feeling to it. The screaming into talking gives it an interesting and different unique vocal style, and with the redoing with Joel singing those parts takes away from those moments. The lyrics are inspiring also, though the band was a Christian band, the lyrics could be taken in anyway. The music possessed such heaviness and melody that blended so well despite it being a purely screamed album, a feat many bands can’t do.

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Though when released, it didn’t sky rocket the band into stardom, but ask anyone who has been around for a bit about Shout The Truth by Confide and they will smile, and just tell you how much they wish for that band to come back. They did in 2013 with a one off album, but that version of the band is not the version most of us remember.

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